Manifeste à chronique
Mardi, 12 Février 2013 12:01

Voici une chronique étrange mais enthousiaste du « Manifeste à son(s) », le dernier album en édition vinylique de Jean Ferraille, par Frans De Waard pour Vital Weekly :

(...) This Aphasia is Jean Ferraille from France and for about ten years he worked with lots of beats, hardcore and all. But now he's just called Jean Ferraille - still not his real name - following his moniker Nicolas Leal (see Vital Weekly 766). This change seems necessary as the sound has changed. Not much, but enough to justify this move. The noise of the previous record is still present, but it seems less heavy than before. There are moments of quietness to be detected here, when things are dropping down, and Ferraille lets his music breath for a while, with a few carefully placed crackles and hiss. That makes this into quite a nice record, a 'noise plus' record. Not going for the all out distortion, but for depth and detail. A record to be played at 45 rpm, but should you happen to play it 33 rpm: it makes hardly any difference - and I mean this as a compliment. Somewhere in the no-mans zone with noise, musique concrete, metal bashing and cut-up. A heavy platter indeed, again, on any speed.